دورة الوندوز سيرفر 2022
محاور الكورس

  Explain Server Hardware components and RAID

  Explain Storages such as SAN and NAS with smart UPS

  Knowing the different types of Windows OS and their versions

  Installing Windows server configuring raids with defining of sharing folders

  Explain and Installing Active Directory and Domain Controller

  Explain and Installing RODC

  Explain and Installing IFMD

  Explaining FSMO

  Creating deleting and editing users and computers with and without pre-staging

  Explaining AGUDLP

  Hyper-V with replication

  Explaining and Using of OUs and GPO

  Explaining user right assignments and PC administrator through Active Directory control panel

  IIS with users and add application with virtual directory vs symbolic link

  Account Policy through gpo or Password Settings Object feature

  Backup and Restore of Active Directory

  Replication of Active Directory

  DNS Server

  Multi-Domain and Multi-Forest Active Directory

  Configure Sites and Subnets

  DHCP Server


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